Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781554875566
May 2010
eXtasy Books
135 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Angel is trying to understand her wife’s downward spiral into depression after her best friend died. But she is finding it hard to always comprehend what is going through Marie’s mind.

Dr. Emma is a therapist and will use all of her training to help Angel with her relationship. She did not count on the attraction that she feels for her patient.

At her first session with Dr. Emma, Angel finds herself being sexually satisfied by the doctor and giving the therapist satisfaction as well. When she vows to spill the beans and tell her wife, Dr. Emma reminds Angel that she signed a contract. One session after another has Angel’s confusion mounting as she loves her wife but lusts after Emma a great deal. When the truth comes out, it may set Angel free, but it may send her in a downward spiral that she cannot get out of.

What an interesting and twisted tale Sessions was. I was both revolted by how manipulative Dr. Emma came across and unable to stop reading each time Angel found herself fighting her lustful nature. Ms. Alvarez knows how to write a great story; one that kept me enraptured in the tale. You will enjoy this tale and the ending will bring the plotline to a finale that will finally give you all the pieces to this intriguing puzzle.

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