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ISBN#: 9781419922244
November 2009
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
188 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Logan is an astronaut from the Earth colony Geo. He crash lands on an unknown planet that his people think may be a lost Earth colony.

Alyssa and Dean are the affianced couple that Logan meets after he crashes. Alyssa is a doctor, and Dean is one of the heads of their planet.

When Logan is thrust out of stasis by his ship beginning to freefall, he knows there is little he can do but pray that he is able survive. Fortunately for him, there is a body of water and he is able to land the ship in it and swim to safety. However, his body is still suffering the effects of being in stasis for nearly a year, and he knows he needs to get help. Alyssa discovers him and takes him back to her clinic. She does not believe he is from another world at first, but when she discovers that unlike the men on her planet of Chromefield, Logan can get an erection, she begins to wonder if he is not telling the truth. Alyssa takes him home so he can rest and then hopes she can convince her fiancé Dean to allow her to continue to keep Logan around. While Dean is not at all convinced Logan is an astronaut, when news of Logan’s ship gets out, he can no longer dispute it. Dean has always had a fascination with men, but on Chromefield it is forbidden for men to be together sexually. He has a hard time dealing with his feelings for Logan, and his jealousy about Alyssa’s obvious attachment to the man. It is not long before the three become very close. But when Logan is outed as being able to get an erection and as being an alien, the government captures him. Will Alyssa and Dean be able to convince their government that Logan is worth more to them all alive rather than dead?

Whew! Talk about one hot tamale of a book! My eyes were glued to each and every page as I waited for the final punch line and it does not disappoint. Ms. Locke is a stellar story teller, and I absolutely loved this book. The characters are realistic, the emotions are poignant, and the sex is blistering. Of course the fact that it is a sci-fi romance, one of my favorite genres, is just icing on the cake. I also really enjoyed the world building, and I got a total kick out of how unimaginative the people of Chromefield are. The fact that their planet, and their solar system were both called Chromefield just cracked me up. This book is definitely a keeper!

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