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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN#: 978-0-7582-2870-3
September 2009
Kensington Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Paranormal Romance Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Chanku Challenge

Beth is a strong individual, but a bit of a control freak. Recent events have brought back old memories that might destroy the relationship she has with her mate Nick.

Nick is a strong wolf but not an alpha. He wishes Beth would realize this and let him help her get over her past.

Beth was raped by her stepfather when she was sixteen and that incident has colored her entire life. She wants control and forces her mate to try to challenge their alpha. This almost destroys their relationship and her place in the pack. She has to go back to the source of her torment to solve the problem.

This is an interesting take on the werewolf genre. The story is very sensual, but the main characters are hard to sympathize with at times and Beth is very difficult to like at first. I did like the solution to the problem.

Eye of the Beholder

Larra has had her birthright stolen from her by her stepsister. Rellmon was her father’s domain and her stepsister wants all of the wealth and Larra out of the way.

Dauer is cursed by the actions of his past and despairs of the curse ever being broken. Larra is his chance at salvation and she might be able to tame the beast inside him.

Larra is sold into marriage to a mysterious and notorious man. Dauer is two men in one, a man too beautiful to be seen and a beast so horrible he terrifies all who gaze upon him. If Larra can accept his two sides, she might just save them all.

This is a creative take on the Beauty and the Beast story. The love scenes are erotic and unusual in this genre. Larra is sweet but not overly so and her stepsister is pure evil. I enjoyed the plot and especially the climactic confrontation with the stepsister.

His to Reclaim

Gemma, a leopard shifter, fell totally in love five years ago, but apparently Hunter did not feel the same way. She is finally ready to move on and marry someone she likes but does not love. The groom is wealthy and well connected and the wedding is going to be huge.

Hunter was forced to leave Gemma to go on an assignment five years ago. Things went bad and he has been playing dead ever since. Now he is back to destroy a hunt ring and his long lost mate is marrying the leader.

Gemma and Hunter shared something more than special five years ago and then Hunter disappeared without a word leaving Gemma alone and broken hearted. She finally moves on with her life when Hunter shows up again, kidnapping her the night before her wedding.

This was my favorite of the three stories. Gemma and Hunter are especially strong characters and the plot is very exciting. The love scenes between the two almost set the book on fire.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable collection of paranormal stories. They are similar enough to fit together and different enough to provide variety. The love scenes are very erotic and creative. The stories have strong plots and vivid characters and will definitely appeal to fans of paranormal erotic romance.

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