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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3842-9
September 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

On The Prowl

The pain of trying to remember the man, Rhodes Jenner, leaves him physically ill, but the tiger cannot forget what he once was.

For a zoologist like Jori Bianchi, coming to India is a dream come true, and finding the elusive white tiger is the ultimate goal.

Rhodes picks a scent out of the air and for the first time in longer than he can remember something stirs his humanity. Jori feels the weight of something eyeing her from the jungle, and it jacks up her hormones like nothing she has ever experienced. Rhodes is drawn to Jori by an undeniable need. When they meet, the shock and desire is completely mutual.

This story is an absolute explosion of emotion, fear and pain, longing and desire. All vie for attention, and continue to do so until the very last page.

Between Lover

A fun, girls-only camping trip turns into the most horrific nightmare imaginable for health club owner Rhiannon Reed, and when it is over she is the only one left alive to deal with the pain.

It is a daily ongoing struggle to keep the peace with the Between and the rest of the world, and King Elan Delacourt bears the future of his people squarely on his shoulders.

Surviving a sadistic killer should make Rhiannon feel relieved and very lucky, but what she feels is a sickening sense of guilt that her friends are dead, and fear that she will never get her life back. She was turned by her abductor, and now she is some kind of freak shape-shifter who cannot stick to one certain animal. Elan recognizes Rhiannon’s pain, but allowing her to go off on her own is out of the question. He may want her more than his next breath, but the safety of his race has to come first.

Survivor’s guilt does not set well with someone as lively and exuberant as Rhiannon, but then neither does an overbearing lion king. It is a good thing they are more in heat than not, because the outcome would definitely prove disastrous.

Amber Fire

Continuing her father’s work makes Amber Green feel closer to the only family she ever knew, and the feeling that they are getting closer to uncovering the secrets of the Yaguara has everyone on her crew anxious and excited.

It is a fine line that Jareth walks everyday amongst humans, and having Amber so close to discovering his people tears at his soul.

Amber met Jareth when her crew first came to this site, and to say there was an instant attraction would be putting it mildly. Jareth has tried unsuccessfully to warn Amber and her crew to leave the area, and the tension all around is beginning to show. The native jaguars are a real and dangerous threat to the humans, and with the heat rising between Jareth and Amber so are the stakes. Hunters have been killing the Yaguara for centuries, but when Amber learns the whole truth, the pain hits much closer to home.

The sparks most certainly fly when you combine an independent strong-willed woman with a man who is an alpha to the nth degree, and what you get is a passion so all-consuming it will leave you breathless.

Lions, tigers, and…well it is not bears, but a jaguar will do very nicely, oh my! These men are beyond hot, whether it is on two legs or four, and the women they crave are just as sizzling. It is so much fun seeing these big tough cats turned into purring kittens by a soft touch and a sweet smile. So if you are not afraid of a little nip and scratch, this is the perfect way to spend a day.

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