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ISBN#: 1936305445/ 9781936305445
November 2010
Omnific Publishing
Ebook/ Paperback
$4.99/ $15.99
308 Pages
Young Adult; Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Triona Pryor lives in Camden, Maine, with her brother, uncle, and aunt. While she has friends and knows her family loves her, Triona sometimes feels as if she is only barely living until he shows up.

Caleb Wallace has moved from place to place following his brothers. When he visits them in Camden, he never expects to find a woman who calls to his heart like no one else.

Every time Caleb is near, Triona can feel her heart sing in joy, and she knows there is something about the mysterious man that constantly calls to her. For his part, Caleb tries to stay away but his heart and soul will not be denied the woman he comes to know as his mate, and he will defy everyone to be with her. There are those who would stop at nothing to see the young lovers pulled apart and when tragedy splits them up, Triona runs to London to feel closer to her deceased parents and further from the horrendous event that took Caleb away from her. Triona will finally find out what secrets Caleb has kept from her as well as a prophecy told centuries ago that will change her life forever.

Shades of Atlantis is a tale shrouded in mystery, paranormal activity, and a young love that will not be denied even if it means death. I love how Carol Oates starts the book off with Triona scoffing at the sensationalism of Caleb until she actually meets him. The intriguing tale continuously spins a story full of heart and soul, anguish, forbidden love, destiny, and one girl who finally figures out what she wants to be when she grows up. The way the author showing Caleb bouncing between being a tortured hero and a man who has found the love of his life just added extra dimensions to this already enchanting novel. This book is like comfort food…you crave it beyond the norm, and when you finally have it, you are so satisfied you feel complete.

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