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ISBN: 978-1-93559-006-4
February 1, 2010
Sam’s Dot Publishing
58 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

What began as a terrible fever years ago has left Z’thandra an orphan, not only from her parents, but from her entire race as well. If not for the Reptar, she would surely have perished.

Education and enlightenment is his life’s study, and nothing interests Dorian more than the tribe living on the edge of the swamp. It is with infinite care that he watches a village of Reptars and stumbles upon the last remaining swamp elf.

Her life is not easy in the least, but Z’thandra dearly loves her adoptive parents. It is with great sadness that she cannot say the same for their daughter or the rest of the village. She wants only to belong, and if it were not for the stone that seems to connect directly to her soul, she would fall into despair. Encountering Dorian gives Z’thandra much hope that there could be others out there, but will her feelings for him sway her from a path that only comes to light in her visions and dreams?

The visuals in this story are most amazing, and keep you intrigued with the characters as well as their environment. It is the storyline, however, that I find to be wanting. Key elements or a solid background as to why the stone is so important, where it came from, and why Z’thandra is tied to it are only alluded to. The end is also somewhat of a mystery, and left me with more questions than answers.

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