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Lila Grey Series

Book 1: Shadowman
Book 2: Shadowborn

Lila Grey, Book 2
ISBN# 9781937744137
October 2012
J Taylor Publishing
344 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Queen of the Seelie, Lila Gray is a bit uneasy in her new role, not to mention her relationship with the King of the Unseelie and the need to keep it secret. She is a strong and beautiful woman who has overcome much.

Liam Kane is the King of the Unseelie. He is new to his role and not completely secure in his position. He is also hiding something important.

An Otherworldly being is leaving humans in a comatose state. Assassins are trying to eliminate the new Queen of the Seelie, and an enemy from her past has come back from his supposed grave. Desperate for advice, Lila will have to find her way on her own, as even the love of her life is keeping secrets from her.

This book is very much part of a series where the first one is pretty important in understanding what is happening on. I would definitely add another cup, if you have read the first book. I have been a bit at sea for the first part of the novel. After catching up, I find this to be an excellent read, with well-developed and unusual characters, not to mention a compelling and exciting plot. Lila is a memorable character, and I look forward to more of her adventures.

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