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Shadow Series
Book 1: ShadowLove Stalkers
Book 2: ShadowHeart Slayer

Shadow Series Book 2
ISBN# 1466272619
August 2011
147 Pages
Vampire Romance/Fantasy Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Nikki Walker is a vampire slayer who needs quiet and seclusion when she is in her mode to concentrate on killing vampires. She desperately wants the one vampire who murdered her brother.

Damon Drummond is a vampire who is intrigued with Nikki’s style. He is aware of what she really is and knows how she desperately wants to go after Deadly Moon, the vampire responsible for her brother’s death.

Nikki has had her ups and downs in life, but the worst were when her parents were killed by a drunk driver, then her brother murdered by a vampire. There had been many goals her mother wished for her to accomplish, but honestly, slaying vampires was not one of them. The only thoughts on her mind are getting retribution by finding Deadly Moon, who was said to be the one who killed him. Damon tries to warn Nikki about Deadly Moon, as well as WB and his gang who wishes to rule the human race. He knows she has a slayer sense of smell and he intends to watch her with a keen eye, but will it be enough to stop her from being destroyed as well?

ShadowHeart Slayer is a nonstop, action-packed read that will grab the reader and practically leave one breathless. It is indeed intense with excitement from the beginning to the end. The refreshing characters know how to take aim at the audience and pull them in for the thrilling ride. Nikki and Damon are magnetic players showing a wide range of emotions and expressions, even the really dastardly bad guys come into play. Claudy Conn has created a great plot and a storyline that keeps the story flowing while bringing the audience into some high-flying excitement. Nikki and Damon are magnetic players who make this read excellent.

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