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Shadow Series
Book 1: ShadowLove Stalkers
Book 2: ShadowHeart Slayer

Shadow Series Book 1
ISBN#: (13)978-1463556211/(10)1463556217
May 31, 2011
Claudette Conn
E Book/Trade paperback
269 Pages
Vampire romance/fantasy romance/paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Chadwick MacFare is on a deadly mission. Pentim Rawley is an enemy, and he intends to take him down, along with his clan. The only problem is using Pentim’s daughter as bait.

Shawna Rawley Wellsly is running for her life. As the daughter of Pentim Rawley, if he locates her, he will do everything in his power to turn her into a vampire. Why did she have to be his daughter?

Chadwick hopes his plans will not go awry. He has seen visions, and if he can make Shawna listen to his plans, he has a chance to stop Pentim. The reasons for wanting the man dead are personal. Shawna knows once her father catches up with her and turns her into a vampire he will be able to focus into her special abilities. She is fearful of the clan. Shawna never wishes to become a vampire. If she can just stay one step ahead of him, she might have a chance to find some sort of escape. Pentim has been a vampire over three hundred years. He has no soul, and it will take a wise person to bring him down. Can Chad and Shawna destroy him once their desire for the other strengthens?

Shadowlove Stalkers is a story that immediately hooks the reader. It reminds me of a roller coaster just beginning, only to plunge into speed, drawing the reader into non-stop action. Intense and spell-binding, this paranormal romance kept this reader engrossed until the conclusion. I loved the passion and chemistry between the main characters. With tremendous action and well thought out characters, this fantastic read sizzles and sparks like a firecracker. One cannot go wrong with this exciting book. Pentim is indeed depicted well as a secondary character full of malice, playing his part well.

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