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ISBN#: 9781597050388
December 2009
Crimson Moth
72 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Zoe is alone and in need of protection, but she also wants to send Booker some part of herself for him to love. Little does she know that she will feel everything her shadow feels, and now she is unable to stay away.

Booker never thought to find a woman who could hold a candle to the woman he loved and lost. Though Shadow is only a spirit form of the woman he loves, she is captivating in her own right. But then Zoe arrives and all his old feelings overwhelm him with the love he can no longer hide.

Zoe must come to terms with the fact that she loves two men and both of them own a part of her heart. Before she gets the opportunity to face her feelings, she is kidnapped by a gang of drug dealers who wish to harness her power. Booker and the Night Brigade must come to her rescue.

Shadow of Blue is an interesting story but it appears to be more of a transition story. It reads like an interlude or an explanation of a relationship. There was a token fight scene in the story but in no way does it live up to the reputation of the Night Brigade series. I think it is an important read to explain the relationship between Zoe, Sax and Booker but not strong enough to stand alone.

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