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ISBN: (13)9780709087748
May 2009
Robert Hale
224 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Alva Mazareeze does not remember or recognize anything or anyone. A hit and run accident six months ago took away any and all memories of her life. With amnesia clouding her brain, Alva has to give her trust to those who seem like strangers to her.

Conte Luca Mazareeze knows how his daughter feels about her step-mother, Alva. When she left the last time, it devastated him. Now that Alva is back, he intends to keep his heart as far from the cruel woman as possible.

Alva realizes that her husband and her stepdaughter do not trust her. Not understanding why, she tries to collect the piece of her past, only to find herself nearly murdered. As the clues begin to click together and her memories begin to resurface, it brings about more deadly consequences as well as the memory of her unborn son’s death.

Shadows of the Past is one wild ride, let me tell you. Ms. Blake tells the story of one woman trying to survive in a world that she cannot remember and the husband who will not believe her. The suspense is so thrilling that I could not put this book down. Not to mention that the ending is so shocking, it will have you rereading the last few pages just to make sure you read them right. You do not want to miss this outstanding novel that has you questioning who Alva can trust.

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