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Dangerous Darkness, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781454399557
June 2011
Red Rose Publishing
E Book
66 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Natalie is on the run from a past that wants to hurt her. She finds a place to feel safe, but a ghost, death, and passions aflame jeopardize her sense of security.

Dev is cautious of the stranger residing with his elderly uncle but soon finds her irresistible. He is surprised by the fire raging between them and her claims of speaking to a ghost.

After a vow to never touch again, too many collisions spark a flame burning out of control. Dev feels evil, Natalie sees ghosts, and the past and present threaten everything they have together -- beginning with the shadow on the floor.

Shadow on the Floor is a sweet love story with enough things going bump in the night to leave the reader on the edge. The taste of romance among ghosts and murder provide an adventurous atmosphere appropriate for a mature ghost story. I enjoyed reading the first installment of the Dangerous Darkness series and look forward to seeing what Jane Toombs has in store for the future.

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