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The Family Heirlooms Series

Book 1: Baby, Baby
Book 2: Shadow Boxing
Book 3: Foolish Games
Book 4: Glass Angels
Book 5: Shards of Ashley

Book 5 of the Family Heirlooms Series
ISBN: 978-1-61160-017-9 (trade paperback); 978-1-61160-016-2 (download)
September 2011
Whiskey Creek Press
334 Pages
Inspirational romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jay Samuels grew up in a loving Christian home. His father is a pastor, and he soon will be one too after his time is finished in the military where he is currently a military chaplain. He has grown up loving Ashley, even though they have been distant in their relationship he is at the point where he wants more and is hoping not to lose her completely.

Ashley Savage grew up in an abusive home that led her to run away and fall into a world of drugs and more abuse. But she forced herself to move on with the help of a boss who gave her a chance when no one else would. But her way of coping, pushing all away, might not have been right.

Life is changing for Ashley and Jay. She must deal with the past and reach out to God, Jay and his family, and trust. Jay must take a step back and see the truth for what it is, not just what he wants it to be. As the past rears its ugly head they each must face their demons in order to move forward.

What a powerful story! Ms. Wiesner has taken issues that normally would not be talked about in the same sentences let alone written about. She has written a story so worthy of your time. With characters who are so flawed and real one cannot help but feel what they are feeling as well. With real issues, a Christian theme and a bit of romance, what more could you ask for in a good book? Although Shards of Ashley is part of a series each book can stand by itself.

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