Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1456398350
May 2011
Paperback / E-Book
$9.99 / $2.99
250 Pages
Fiction / Gay
Rating: 3 Cups

A man is often defined by his job, possessions, and his ability to care for his family, but John Lawer has lost all of that. He never imagined it could happen, but when it did, he fell back on the only thing he knew.

To watch his lover slowly slipping away is more than Charlie Hendrick can stand. He has seen this before, only this time they have a daughter to consider.

The day he walked out of his office for the last time, John was too ashamed to go home, and thought if he could put off explaining things to Charlie a little longer it would give him time to find a new job. Days turn to weeks for John, and each one gets harder than the last, and through it all Charlie knows, but John has no idea. All he can think of is his next drink, and how he managed to lose so much in so little time. As he slips further away John recalls the major events in his life, some wonderful like Charlie and Cassie, and some hideous and heartbreaking, but alcohol has been there nearly every step of the way.

If you think those people huddled on the streets could never be you, put yourself in John’s shoes. This is all too achingly real and heartbreakingly sad, but I find John is a hard man to pity. Charlie is someone you really sympathize with, in that he tries desperately to get John to talk to him, and get help, but his first duty must be to their child. This is a troubling and stark read, but very well done and poignant.

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