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ISBN #: 9781634860383
27 March 2016
JMS Books, LLC
$ 5.99
194 Pages
Gay, IR, Mystery, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As far as vacations go, Dom is pretty sure this one is going to be a bust. His relationship with Alec is most definitely over, yet Dom has to stick around Mount Angus if he wants a ride home.

The Eggstravaganza is the biggest event of the year for Mount Angus and Kiko’s store, Yolks on You, relies heavily on the tourists the egg hunt brings in. With the hunt drawing in hundreds of people, as well as the hefty cash give-away to an area business, no one wants to see the event fail.

Trying to stay far away from Alec, and having little else to do, Dom starts snooping around to find clues about who is setting egg bombs. Regardless of having just met Kiko, Dom feels invested in his safety. Sabotaging the egg hunt makes no sense to Kiko, so it is hard to get behind Dom’s obsession. Tracking down a criminal is not how Kiko wants to spend his time with Dom, especially if it is going to get them both killed.

Small towns like Mount Angus are notorious for odd-ball festivals. What is even sillier, but entirely believable, is that a store like Yolks on You could exist (seriously, I once went in a store where everything they sold was purple!). Kiko; however, fits right in, and Dom, though it takes awhile, appreciates the quirky store owner, if not the store. The real mystery here is how these two keep from getting blown up.

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