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The Psy-Changeling Series

Book 1: Slave to Sensation
Book 2: Visions of Heat
Book 3: Caressed by Ice
Book 4: Mine to Possess
Book 5: Hostage to Pleasure
Book 6: Branded by Love
Book 7: Blaze of Memory
Book 8: Bonds of Justice
Book 9: Play of Passion
Book 10: Kiss of Snow
Book 11: Tangle of Need
Book 12: Heart of Obsidian
Book 13: Shield of Winter

A Psy-Changeling Novel, Book 13
ISBN: 9780425264010
3 June 2014
The Berkley Publishing Group
Hard Cover
$25.95 US / $28.95 CAN
448 Pages
Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A disease of unimaginable proportions is invading the PsyNet, putting nearly everyone with psychic abilities at risk. Vasic and his fellow Arrows are once again put into service, only this time it will change their entire existence.

Since the Silence, Empaths have become almost extinct. Some, like Ivy Jane and her family, live on the fringes of society, where they can exist in relative anonymity as long as they keep their shields tightly in place.

Using the E’s to stop the onslaught of destruction within the PsyNet is an experiment that must not fail. Pairing up an Arrow like Vasic with Ivy insures safety and protection in a world that is slowly dissolving into chaos. Burying all emotion is as normal as breathing for Vasic, something beaten into his head from day one, so being near an E is like sandpaper against his soul. Being with Ivy, however, makes Vasic’s world explode into a kaleidoscope of color so incredible, he will gladly lay down his life to save hers.

There are incredible visuals throughout this whole book, some so well written, you can almost feel the crisp, cold air and smell the coming snow. The characters are also wonderfully dynamic, especially the total disparity between Vasic and Ivy’s personalities. They are flip sides to the same coin, both with the same goal, but coming at it from totally different perspectives. Ivy is Vasic’s heart and soul, and Vasic is the very foundation on which Ivy flourishes.

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