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The Dragon Chronicles
Book 1: Learning
Book 2: Shifting

December 9, 2015
Soulmate Publishing
286 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Keely Bennett is a healer, unable to shift, and mated to a strong alpha wolf shifter. Despite her renowned healing ability, she has found only distrust from other shifters and is wary about meeting Hugh’s pack. Her caution turns out to be right as the unmated females dispute their mating. She has to find a shifter to take her place in the challenge, but first a new illness grabs her attention.

Hugh Blackwolfe, the alpha for the local pack, is confident Keely is his mate. He expects his pack to accept her readily; not an out pouring of mistrust and disdain. Along with the challenge to his mate, he has to deal with a new danger to his pack causing an illness similar to rabies that is deadly to shifters. It is not just limited to his pack, but to other packs across the country.

The illness ravaging shifters takes priority over mating woes. As they fight to find a cure, the healing skills of Keely and her colleagues are tested. In the interim, Lindy, the dragon, and her mate, Alex comb through the dragon chronicles searching for a way to shift at will. It looks like her dragon is sending out a call for allies to help. Before Keely and Hugh can resolve the issues with their mating, a cure must be found, before there is no one left to care.

Even though this is the second book of a series you can start here as the author does a great job catching the reader up to speed. Along with the sweet romance between Keely and Hugh, there is the adventure of solving the problems of the mysterious illness and Lindy and Alex trying to figure out how to be a dragon. There are a lot of POV switches, but each blend flawlessly into the main story and add to it. Someone wanting to read a sweetly romantic paranormal story would enjoy this book.

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