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Carus Series

Book 1: Shift Happens
Book 2: Beast Coast
Book 3: Carpe Demon
Book 4: Shift Work

ISBN#: 9781509205905
22 February 2016
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
326 pages
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Andy McNeilly, a Carus, basically an uber shifter, is busy dealing with the fallout from the death of the local leader of the vampires. First she loses her job as ambassador for the SRD to the vampire court. Then they won’t hire her back. In the end she talks the Vancouver police into hiring her as a supernatural consultant, but before her paperwork is even filed she has to start work.

The police need her assistance in figuring out the origins of a new street drug, one with a high fatality rate. In addition, her new partner needs her help with a puzzling murder. Those two issues appear to only be a glimpse into a more complicated scheme, one ultimately orchestrated by a new big bad of the supernatural persuasion, one that Andy is not yet ready to go up against.

To top it all off her boyfriend, Tristan is avoiding her, hiding a big secret, one with the potential to tear them apart. Then there is the demon, Sid the Seducer, who tricked her into a blood bond and into being his anchor into the world. So, she has to investigate the new street drug, solve a difficult murder, find out about the new big bad in her life, renegotiate with an incubus, and deal with the earth shattering secret Tristan has been hiding ... no problem!

I am a big fan of this series and this book is a great installment. Andy is an awesome character with strengths in the form of her being a shifter, familiarity with the supernatural joined with her weaknesses that take form in her insecurities and issues with emotions. Together they are mixed with her wicked sense of humor and smarts to get to the bottom of stuff. The plot was multi-layered, had an intriguing mystery, vivid and lively characters, and tons of action starring supernatural beings. You could read this as a standalone, but you would miss stuff and I would strongly urge you to read the prior books, they are totally worth it!

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