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ISBN# (10): 0-446-50927-2 /(13): 978-0-446-50927-5
September 2009
Grand Central Forever (Hachette Book Group)
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
320 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucy Donovan is a CIA agent who loves her independence. After an extraction in Venezuela, she is ready to return to work but can she handle another arduous trip?

Lieutenant James Augustus Atwater now goes by Gus. He had plans to be an architect like his father until his father died in the Twin Towers, then his plans changed.

Ever since the death of his father, Gus no longer desired to be an architect, instead he selected to be in the Navy SEALS. He and Lucy have been chosen to go undercover in a dangerous mission. Portraying a married couple, they realize they are professionals working on a special project in a common assignment. Still, that does not stop Lucy’s heart from skipping every time she is near Gus. He has been a SEAL for five years and still worries about the last dangerous mission Lucy was on. Now as they are pitted together on a perilous assignment that carries her back into the treacherous pitfalls with terrorists and gun play around the corner. Will Gus be able to do his job while making sure the woman he loves is safe, too?

Marliss Melton has a way of creating stories that always hook me and keep me glued until the end. I found the story full of suspense and fast-paced. Lucy is a strong woman who still displays a tender heart and compassion, but sometimes I found her afraid to allow it to show. I did like the part about searching for leeches and jungle ticks. I could see her expression when Gus made that remark. I was amazed with the way Ms. Melton fashions the story with in-depth research to make it just right. It was completely compelling with nail-biting action, as Lucy and Gus delve into their dangerous mission with some intriguing moments along the way. Thanks for the riveting adventure.

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