Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-06-158204-2
November 2009
Avon Books
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Seeing dead people has certainly not gotten any easier for the intrepid Nicki Styx. They continue to make her life quite miserable, but it has all been child’s play compared to the fight that is brewing.

Loving Nicki is never an easy affair, but Dr. Joe Bascombe could not be happier about their engagement. At least until a certain demon decides to set her sights on the good doctor and turn his dreams into full out fantasies.

Waking up paralyzed and having three faces hovering over you in the dark is never a good omen, but Nicki has no idea of the trouble about to ensue. She tries to make herself believe it was just a bad dream, but when that dream walks into her shop, Nicki feels a trickle of fear run through her body. Selena is not just a mere woman but also a succubus, and one with a very evil agenda. She intends to teach Nicki a lesson, and Joe is the perfect piece to play to get what she wants.

Stepping into Nicki’s shoes would be enough to drive any normal person a bit crazy, but Nicki herself is getting there all by herself. She is a magnet when it comes to trouble, but self-control is not exactly her forte. I really feel for Joe, because he seems to bear the brunt of her madness, but they make for an enticing couple. The witty dialogue and brilliant characterizations ensure an exciting and thrilling read.

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