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STACY JUBA - Stacy Juba's Coffee Corner
ISBN# 978-0-9827952-2-4
January 2011
Mainly Murder Press
E Book / Paperback
$.99 / $11.21
241 Pages
Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassidy Novak is a personal trainer with big dreams and she is using Sink or Swim, a popular reality show, to achieve them. The problem is, will Sink or Swim, otherwise known as SOS, be the answer to her prayers, or the call for help needed in the terror about to enter her life?

Josh Sanchioni is another contestant from Sink or Swim and Cassidy’s most recent crush. Only problem? He’s engaged. Thus enters sexy photographer, Zach Gallagher. Now he is a complication Cassidy did not expect.

Personal trainer, Cassidy Novak, has gained national fame for starring on Sink or Swim, a hit television game show set aboard a ship. The prize money would go a long way to her dream of owning a chain of fitness centers, but alas, it is not to be. After losing the competition, and amidst celebrations only second place can bring, strange events occur; an early sign things are not quite right, and allows little warning of the danger soon to emerge. Returning to her small Massachusetts hometown, terror erupts from what at first appears to be a twisted fan, but turns out to be an evil and persistent stalker. Efforts to ignore him are futile, and threats escalate into murder. Cassidy’s newly gained popularity from Sink or Swim has awarded her a shadowed media entourage, including a certain photographer, Zach Gallagher. The wildly attractive Zach is someone Cassidy wants to trust, but living in a world that she no longer feels safe in, trusting Zach might prove difficult. Now a Sink or Swim situation has become Cassidy’s own reality show where first place is her only option. The prize awarded to anything less is her heart or her life.

Whew! What a read, my friends. Did Sink or Swim pass my Treadmill Test? (In case you are wondering, I do not like working out and I need distractions…major ones). Ms. Juba’s book made me forget all about how hard my legs pumped as I became thoroughly engrossed in a great story with a little humor, some romance and that ever amazing suspense. Each scene masterfully captures the event happening (none of that yawning ho-hum stuff found in this book) with the intensity of the characters authenticated and brought to life. Believe me, at times, it is a little scary. Okay, a lot scary. Ms. Juba also brings that whole reality show thing into play, artfully depicting a certain truth-laden reality with insights of what happens behind the scenes. So… if you need help getting through a murderous workout (pun intended) this book is a wonderful, clever and entertaining distraction. The identity of the stalker left me guessing until the end, and believe me that is a refreshing and pleasant surprise. Congratulations, Ms. Juba for giving us a great read.

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