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The Hellraisers Series

Book 1: Devil's Kiss
Book 2: Demon's Bride
Book 3: Sinner's Heart

Hellraisers Book 3
ISBN# 978-1-4201-2229-9
April 2, 2013
Zebra Books
352 Pages
Paranormal Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abraham Stirling, Lord Rothwell, sold his soul to the devil for the power to seduce any woman with a word. He and four friends were the toast of London. Self proclaimed Hellraisers with powers that made their vices pay off, Bram and his friends have become as corrupt as the city they call home.

Once a Priestess of Hecate in the last days of the Roman Empire, Livia knows how destructive the quest for power can be. It was she who first unleashed the Dark One from his prison. Now she has twice defeated the devil’s attempts to gain dominion through the Hellraisers. With the final battle on the horizon she has only to convince one cynical warrior that he must fight one last war.

Livia has always had a penchant for sexy warriors, but Bram’s refusal to acknowledge their dire situation is driving her crazy. He is more than a match for her in both power and strength. As London falls beneath the miasma of anger and fear unleashed by the coming of the Dark One, it will be up to Livia and Bram to stand together and send him back to hell.

This tense paranormal adventure centers around a very dark and gritty story-line with an elaborately crafted back-story. Readers unfamiliar with the Hellraisers series might feel lost at first, but will be quickly caught up as Livia and Bram are sucked into the apocalyptic finale. If you are a lover of suspenseful paranormal stories you will enjoy the Hellraiser series.

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