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ISBN#: Unavailable
April 2007
Instant Publisher Co.
P.O Box 985, Collierville, TN 38027
Soft Back Cover
98 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

From the moment a child is born, whether male or female, both are destined to be different. Women can be emotional, loving, nurturing and caring, to name a few things. Throughout life, she is a problem solver, peacemaker, and often a sharp thinker.

Women have strong backbones and can be powerful when necessary, whereas men do not like to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Men often keep their hearts guarded, not allowing the world to see. Yet, a woman can have a way of bringing out the best, and the worse, in a man. One bad apple can drag a man into a ditch, where a spiritual one can bring him greatness.

Sister 2 Sister enlists Biblical verses throughout the book allowing the reader to understand the different changes God instructs for women and men. The book even warns through Biblical verses, how the scripture strongly states the devil is crafty, and cunning, in everything. The devil can cause a woman to become loose, breaking homes, destroying relationship, and leaving a child without a father. With each scripture, there is hope, and love, teaching one to grow and develop in the love of God.

Tonya Y. Reed has composed an inspirational book that gives the reader thought. Carefully she discusses subjects on the addictions that can cause conflict in a person’s life, as well as other pertinent situations corrupting the good at heart. I found her words educational, and powerful, as she stands behind the Biblical Word stressing to others how important it is to follow God’s Word. She makes the reader feel as if she is sitting in the same room listening attentively to her speak. I found Ms. Reed to be knowledgeable in the Bible verses while she tries to express the importance of living right daily.

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