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ISBN: None Available
December 2010
189 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Janet Thompson is hoping for a break from her job, which is why she is headed to Africa. But little does she know that what she thinks is a way to hone her economic skills is, instead, going to play a large part in the global economy. That is if she can stay alive.

Brandt Mahler is the most eligible bachelor in all of Europe, not to mention that he is a very rich and powerful man. He needs Janet to help him stop what he and others believe could collapse many countries’ financial sectors, including the United States.

Traveling from country to country in a few short days, the tension between Brandt and Janet heats up but is he the kind of man she can be with? With much on the line, they may never get a chance to find out; after all she is wanted dead by some people and highly needed by others.

Wow! Six Days to Midnight is loaded with action, suspense, and romance right down to the last sentence. Twists and turns abound, many much unexpected. A great cast of characters tell a story that is pulled right from today’s headlines, which is scary but also makes for great reading material. Kudos to Ms. Duncan for offering readers a great read!

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