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April 2016
Marissa Doyle
320 pages
Paranormal romance, fantasy, contemporary romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Garland Durrell, who is recently divorced, has moved into a beach house on Cape Cod, and is eager to start her new life and take up quilting again. One morning after a storm, while walking along the shore, she discovers two naked victims washed up on the beach; a father and his son. The locals, even the sheriff, refuse to help and urge her to get rid of the duo. So far the only help she can get is from a doctor, also new to town, who happens to be interested in her. People love her quilts, Alasdair says it is because she has magic, but she does not believe it.

Alasdair, along with his son Conn, are the last of the ruling family who reign over the selkies in the surrounding waters. After a fierce storm they wash-up onto the beach in front of Garland’s home. Both brutally tortured and their sealskins ripped from them by the evil who already claimed the lives of his family. Initially he does not trust Garland, but as soon as he touches something she made he senses great magic and knows they will be safe. After meeting her, he regains hope that the evil will be defeated, his people freed, and that he might love again.

Her new life is going well; she lives in a lovely town, can quilt again, and has gained the attentions of the dreamy doctor Rob. The only things keeping it from being perfect is the mystery behind Alasdair and Conn’s appearance and the strong emotions Alasdair evokes in her, causing her to question her feelings for Rob. Alasdair is adamant that she possesses magic, but she fails to see it. It appears that the beach side town she moved into has been keeping an ugly secret and the evil ruling the town, responsible for Alasdair and Conn’s plight, is looking for them. Their lives, and the lives of the locals, depend on her accepting her gift, but will she do so in time?

Let me just say first that this is such a delightful story, I was utterly charmed by it and found it such a fun read. I was hesitant at first to read a book where the magic was centered on quilting but it was incorporated nicely into the story and it added a special twist to everything. The romance was bittersweet, since both men seemed to have good qualities, but there was a tough choice she had to make if she chose to trust in either man. The story was a nice and quick read, the characters were wonderful, the world building was very good and I would certainly recommend this story to someone looking for an interesting twist to selkie legends.

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