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Cassandra Farbanks Series:

Book 1 Soul Market
Book 2 Lost Innocents
Book 3 Skin Thief
Book 4: Inhuman Heritage
Book 5: Silent Doll
Book 6: Deadly Sin

Cassandra Farbanks Series, Book 3
ISBN: (10) 1615723153 / (13) 978-1615723157 / 9781615723140
March 2011
Eternal Press
Trade Paperback / E-book
$17.99 / $6.95
202 Pages
Paranormal, Adventure
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassandra Farbanks is a powerful witch and something more, as she is discovering at unexpected moments. Her brand new business, as a Paranormal Investigator, is up and running with, this, her very first case.

The oldest inmate, Ivan Petrovich, incarcerated on three counts of manslaughter, had been a model prisoner…until now. Cassandra is called in to investigate a bizarre claim that the badly beaten old prisoner is actually the new home for the soul of the young guard that Petrovich attacked.

Cassandra works with the Investigating police officer, Hamilton, and they begin tracking the elusive skin thief. Using her powers and engaging the assistance of others in her network, Cassandra and Hamilton piece together the motive for the uncharacteristic attacks. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and Cassandra’s personal life suffers because of her dedication to her new venture and unwillingness to compromise her principles, regardless of personal risk.

This book is actually the third in the Cassandra Farbanks series by Sonnet O’Dell, but it is an outstanding read all on its own merit. The story is quirky, fast-paced, and immediately captured my attention and my imagination. I did not always expressly agree with Cassandra’s methods, but I certainly admired her independent spirit and tenacity. After finishing this novel, my first thought was to search for the prior two books featuring Cassandra Farbanks because I am absolutely sure I will also thoroughly enjoy reading about the earlier escapades starring this intractable and sassy heroine whose messy personal life just makes her all the more loveable and interesting. This is a must-read Urban Fantasy that I am thrilled to have chanced upon.

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