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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-383-9
August 2009
Red Rose Publishing
68 Pages
Mainstream Fiction: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Skye Holdron has decided that this is it. She is tired of working for someone and now is the time to open her own interior design business. With her lawyer husband’s full support, she does so.

Lawrence Holdron is Skye’s husband and biggest supporter.

Cammie is Skye’s best friend and the person who she partners with to open her business.

Just after Skye and Cammie open their design business, strange things begin happening. Threatening notes appear out of nowhere, referencing an incident that Skye is still dealing with the emotional fallout from, threatening phone messages are left, and Skye’s assistant’s life is threatened. It is clear that someone intends Skye’s new business to fail, as well, as for her to emotionally fall apart. Unfortunately, Skye does not handle the threats against her and her loved ones very well. While she believes she knows who is behind all the turmoil, she has no proof. That is until one night when Cammie and Cammie’s fiancé spot someone who matches the description of the person who threatened Skye’s assistant. Will this allow Skye to get to the bottom of the threats and who is making them? Will she continue to run from getting the help she needs to emotionally deal with the thing that happened in her past? Or will the person causing all the problems win?

I really truly enjoyed Skye’s the Limit! This book has everything, everlasting romance, suspense, best friends and truly wicked family members, as well as, redemption even for a few characters who may not really deserve it. The story itself is well-crafted, and the author did an excellent job of leading the reader through a series of clues disguised as events in the book that led very well up to the conclusion. I especially loved the character of Lawrence, Skye’s husband, and his willingness to help her cope with her emotional issues from the past. His love for Skye makes this story worthwhile, although honestly all of the characters, even the truly bad ones, are worth reading about. The author does a great job of using the characters to move the storyline along as well. A truly great read, and one I’m more than happy to recommend.

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