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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60370-795-4/(10) 1-60370-795-6
September 2009
Torquere Press
91 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, BDSM
Rating: 5 cups

Candy is a male stripper who loves his job. His goal is to be able to save up enough money and then retire before he loses his looks.

Jim is a cop and Candy’s lover. While he is not enamored of Candy’s job, he cares enough about Candy to tolerate it for the time being.

Jim thinks he can handle what Candy does because he does not want to lose the man he loves. However, when Candy starts receiving flowers, money, and expensive gifts from an admirer, he becomes concerned. Candy thinks the guy is harmless, but Jim is not so sure and even goes so far as to begin doing a little investigating of the guy on the side. What will Candy do when he finds out?

Slap and Tickle is a fantastic story that I very much enjoyed reading! The emotions between Candy and Jim are palpable and strong, and they really drive this story. The sex is positively combustible, and that was just one of the fun parts. I loved Candy’s fun loving, easy going personality, and I think he fit perfectly with Jim’s tough guy cop persona; these two really complement each other. The author has a gift for giving you just enough information to keep you interested in the outcome, and that kept me reading so that I finished this story in one sitting. I will most definitely be purchasing more of this author’s books, and I highly recommend you do so as well!

Coffee Time Romance & More



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