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ISBN: 9781934657898
November 2011
Sapphire Blue Publishing
127 Pages
Young Adult Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Olivia Balcomb at the impressionable age of seventeen, when others are starting their summer vacation, she is burying her mother and moving to a home with family members she has never met before. When she gets to The Manor, more questions pop up as the mysterious household begins to reveal secrets that were previously withheld.

Greer Luna is silver-haired and seen running here, there and everywhere. He seems to be around when Olivia needs him most, but she never sees him coming and she never really sees him leaving, either.

Colin Craven is a boy trapped inside his own room with death looming near. Olivia finds that she cannot stay away from his gloomy room, even though she has been forbidden to enter.

As her days pass, Olivia finds that boredom has begun to seep into her bones and she knows she needs to find something to do. When she spots a garden behind a locked gate, she knows that bringing the garden back to life will be her next project. With each turn of the earth, plucked weed and planted seed, Olivia finds her heart healing from the loss of her mother. She is also more determined than ever to uncover the secrets in The Manor and hopefully save a boy from dying who mesmerizes her with one glance from his sad, cobalt eyes.

Ms. Ashley explains that The Secret Garden was one of her all-time favorite novels as a child and she really gives the original work credit when writing this tale. Sleeping Garden takes the original fairytale further as the characters explore a world of paranormal beings, mystical curse and new friendships that blossom into more. The overwhelming emotional boundaries hit upon in this book have the reader feeling as if they have been punched right in the gut, leaving you breathless. The details throughout this novel are extremely rich and vivid, and I found the words painted bold pictures in my mind as I read. This is an amazing tale by a very gifted author that will leave you wanting another taste of Virginia Ashley’s work.

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