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ISBN# 9781618855077
11 January 2013
Sweet Cravings Publishing
183 Pages
Contemporary Mainstream Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Eileen Brockway is unhappy in her small town life. She is a beautiful and successful actress at the local theater, but she dreams of making it big someday. She would do practically anything to become a Hollywood starlet. When B-list movie star, Adrian Conway, comes to town to costar with her, she knows he will see how great she is and take her back to California with him. Having the star stay there is exciting, and she begins planning ways to ensure her dreams become a reality.

Danton Brockway is a well-liked local lawyer for Johnson, Ohio. He is very smart and witty but is underappreciated by his wife and son, who treat him as their lackey. He does not mind. He knows that his family is creative and special. When Adrian comes to stay with them, everything gets a bit hectic and strained. Danton is clever enough to figure out some secrets and how best to deal with them.

When Hollywood shows up in Johnson, it shakes up everyone’s way of life. Excitement runs rampant when the small-town rubs elbows with a “somebody”. In the Brockway household, things are even more chaotic. Eileen and Kyle Brockway believe Adrian is the key to becoming famous. Dan becomes obsolete at best. Within a short time, secrets unfold, and some people show their true colors.

Mr. Osmond does a fine job creating intensely flawed and realistic characters. There are many persons within this story that I truly dislike, not because they are written badly. Quite the opposite, they are written very well, to the point where you feel something for each character. Out of the main characters, my favorite by far is Dan. He is a very clever and level-headed man who eventually gets the opportunity to stand up for himself. The plot is rich and has many fun twists in the most unexpected places. Up to the very end, the reader is taken on a psychological ride through the human condition.

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