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ISBN#: 9780425233665
February 2010
Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Group Inc.
328 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Samantha “Sam” McNead is the publicist for The Heat. She has feelings for catcher Wade O’Riley, but she is not about to admit that to him or anyone.

Wade O’Riley is the catcher for The Heat. He also has feelings for Sam, but he is not really sure what to do about them. He had a rotten childhood and because of that he is gun shy when it comes to relationships.

When some woman claims that she is pregnant with Wade’s baby, Sam is basically ordered by The Heat’s Management to pretend to be Wade’s exclusive girlfriend, at least for a few weeks. She knows this is going to be one of the most difficult things she has ever done, and that she is going to need to keep a lid on her libido. She already had wild monkey sex once with Wade in an elevator a year before, and it took almost that whole year for her to get a handle on her emotions regarding that one encounter. Wade wouldn’t mind another opportunity with Sam, but even though he has feelings for her, he is not really sure about committing to just one woman. However, as they are constantly together, it is not long before they are back in bed again, or the ladies room or wherever they can find a quiet secluded spot. Feelings deepen on both sides, but each is afraid to trust those feelings or each other. Into this quagmire of emotion comes Tag, Sam’s nephew, and John, Wade’s alcoholic father to add to the already heightened emotional tension between them. When the time comes to part ways and end their pretend relationship that has become all too real, will Sam and Wade take a chance or lose each other?

Slow Heat is classic Jill Shalvis, and I loved this book! It was really great getting a bird’s eye view of professional baseball and what it is really like. Ms. Shalvis does a great job describing it and obviously did her research. While Sam comes off as a bit neurotic, it is not any wonder given her background of a domineering father and a brother who is one of the most selfish people I have ever read about. Wade obviously has his own demons, but I thought Ms. Shalvis had him deal with them in a very productive way; by working with kids. One of the things that make this story a winner is the emotion. Ms. Shalvis really has a handle on that and how to convey it in a story. I also loved the resolution, and how Sam stepped up to the plate with regards to Tag, who as a reader, you just cannot help but fall in love with. I just wanted to cuddle that little guy! This book is really worth getting, and I highly recommend it!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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