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ISBN: 9781603943284
July 2009
New Concepts Publishing
148 Pages
Erotica; Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Nicole Martin knows that whenever her big sister Brandy gets into trouble, she always lands on her feet, while Nicole’s life goes down the tubes. Her sister’s latest debacle has placed Nicole in a position, actually a multitude of positions, she never thought she would find herself in.

Gabriel was shooting for a reality porn show when he contacted Glenda. After meeting Nicole, he finds that his feelings for her have morphed quickly from a coworker into something much more decadent.

Basil, Hunter, and Shaun find themselves just as quickly involved when it comes to the matter of Nicole’s heart. Being part of the “Seven Hunks”, all four of them soon come to realize that there can only be one winner to claim the woman they have all come to love.

Nicole knew the moment she stepped into the house that held the movie set, her life would be changed forever. She did not expect to find herself falling for any guy while shooting porn, much less four of them. After the show is over they would all go their separate ways, right? Will Nicole walk away with the man of her choice and if so, which man will that be?

Snow White and the Seven Hunks definitely had some extremely erotic scenes thanks in part to the chemistry between Nicole and “her men”, as well as the element of sex itself. I found that Brandy added an element of craziness to the novel that made the book edgier and a little darker than a standard contemporary erotic romance. I do want to state that the ending was not up to par as far as I was concerned, as it left me no closure on certain aspects of the tale. Overall, Ms. Zant did a good job exploring the tantalizing world of porn, romance, and reality television shows.

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