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Dare Project book Series

Book 1: Ruby Dare
Book 2:
Book 3: Emerald Dare
Book 4: Opalite Dare
Book 5: Sapphire Dare
Book 6: Solar Dare

Dare Project book, Book 6
ISBN# 9781771115070
April 2013
Devine Destinies
70 Pages
Paranormal Romance Shapeshifter Dragons
Rating: 3 Cups

Solar is one of a set of cloned dragon sisters whose radioactive nature makes even being near them a dangerous adventure. When a group of dragons arrives, each picking up a different sister, Solar is less than pleased with her new companion.

Denhar is a member of the Star Guard, answering only to the queen–Solar’s mother. He needs to teach Solar control of her radioactive nature, while keeping her and his quadrant of space safe.

Working together, Solar and Denhar find the problems facing the Star Guard are much greater than they originally think. A group of rich, arrogant humans are willing to risk the fabric of the universe to live where and how they want.

As the sixth book in the series, Solar Dare would be better read in order, since there is an amount of back-story missing, which can leave the reader unsure of exactly what is happening. Solar and Denhar’s relationship is quick and fiery in a way only dragons can be. They seem to complement each other, working as a team is as natural as working alone.

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