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Hard to Get Series

Some Like It Rough (Anthology) - Connecting Novella
Book 1: So Sensitive

ISBN#: (13)9780758238986
March 2010
APHRODISIA, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00 USA / $16.95 CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Some Like it Rough

Luke Warner is back in town, determined to reopen the old Warner family drugstore and turn it into the new hangout for the townspeople.

Julia Lowell was crushed when Luke left town ten years ago. Determined to find some answers as well as possibly reconnect with him, she confronts her ex-lover.

Paul is part of the threesome and the man who stayed when Luke left. But his feelings for the other man confuse him. While he has been Julia’s longtime lover, the erotic pull he feels for Luke has him wondering what will happen next. When Luke drops his bombshell that he likes to dominate his partner, are Julia and Paul up to the challenge?

All I can say is wow! Kate Pearce turns a story into one heck of a hot and steamy tale. The way Julia, Luke, and Paul are linked is seen throughout the novel, even after so many years. The added drama of how Paul has feelings toward Luke that he has never felt for another man makes this already spicy read that much more potent.

Private Eyes

Hayley Croft is an administrative assistant for a private investigation agency and plays up her role as wallflower.

Ry Montana is one of the private investigators who has overlooked Hayley. But when she tags along to a strip club during one of their more interesting investigations, he begins to notice something erotic about her.

Hayley deliberately goes out of her way to be plain, thanks in part to her overly generous chest. But there is something about Ry that calls to her passionate nature. When she finds herself volunteering to enter the world of strip dancing, her imagination goes wild as she pictures Ry as the man she is sensually dancing for. What will she do when her dream becomes reality?

Susan Lyons has a way of telling a story that has you enraptured. I love how Hayley takes on the world of erotic dancing and quickly begins to find a passion for her new job. Ry is just as quirky of a character, especially when he sees all of her hidden talents. Great story.

Cherry on Top

Dante Ricci was furious when the prime location for his business venture was sold.

Cherry DuBois was married to a man who destroyed her self-esteem when he cheated on her.

Dante knows that Cherry is a massage therapist, but he hopes to prove her job is not quite on the up and up. When he schedules a massage, he gets more than he bargains for. Suddenly his anger toward the woman turns to lust and he is determined to dominate the sexy business owner. Will Cherry let Dante introduce her to the world of BDSM and take her on an erotic journey unlike anything she has experienced before?

This was such an enticing tale full of life. Anne Rainey is a great erotic author, one I am happy to say I am glad to have discovered. This was a perfect story to end this already great book.

Some Like it Rough is a very hot book! I love how these three authors came together to tell their stories. Each story gave us a different voice to the novel. The sex scenes were amazing, sensual, and so erotic I wondered if my fingertips were going to be singed. Another great book to keep on my shelves for many years to come.

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