Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781101102701-eBook/9781894484681-Paperback
May 2010
Penguin Group
326 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Genie Toledo is an outstanding cardiologist who lives her life for her patients. After her divorce, she chose to raise her daughter alone and guard her decade-long lone secret.

Karn Crabbe is the wife of Mick Crabbe and she has no clue that Genie and Mick have had a decade-long affair. Unfortunately both of their worlds are about to implode, and it will reshape them all into more than they were before.

Genie and Mick have been together for over a decade with Karn none the wiser. The lives of Genie and Karn have collided on more than one occasion but with the truth come pain and agony. Will these two women learn to survive together as Mick deals with his disease or will their anger cause a rift leaving Mick the only casualty?

Sometimes Mine takes an amazing unexpected turn that though unique proved to be shocking. The love between Mick and Genie, as well as between Mick and Karn, are both very strong even if they are built on very different foundations. I laughed, cursed, cried and mourned for these wonderful characters and found the story enchanting if not very heart breaking. Martha Moody provides an engaging love story of what could happen if only you were to live outside the box.

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