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ISBN#: 97816263807177
January 2016
Dreamspinner Press
267 Pages
Science Fiction/Mystery/Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Dex is a genetically engineered human living in the year 2275. He was engineered to be a deep space vessel engineer, and while he likes his work, he hates the lack of freedom he and his AI cat enjoy. He and his kind have been genetically created to be servants for the wealthy regular humans that now reside on the paradise and park like Earth. While it might be paradise for the wealthy, it is nothing short of slavery for the boxies, the term that Dex and his kind are called because of the box towers they live in. They live, work and die in the box towers, and are only allowed to travel within a four mile radius of their homes. If they attempt to go beyond that, they are killed. They have very few rights.

Song is a man born to wealth. He is used to having the finer things in life. He is also an engineer and the first one who has created a deep space vessel that has a completely self-aware AI. He has named her Fa’a. When it comes to his attention that someone wants to use Fa’a for nefarious reasons, he takes her and a motley band of friends and leaves Earth. Now he, his friends and Fa’a are on the run from a corrupt government and a mad man bent on getting his hands on Fa’a.

When the government tells the boxies that they must give up their pet AI’s, Dex cannot give up his best friend whom he loves. In fact. Manx is the only friend Dex has ever had since friendship, mates and love are not allowed for boxies. Instead, Dex keeps Manx and hides him, but he knows it will not be long before he is found out, and Manx destroyed. There is also the danger of the government deciding to wipe his personality, and he does not want to end up a human automaton. So, instead, he finds a way to run. He barely makes it off the planet without being caught when the ship he is on is captured by none other than Song and Fa’a. When Song requests that Dex see if he can help Fa’a who has been injured, Dex easily agrees. Dex was already attracted to Song from seeing his wanted posters and how handsome he is, seeing him in person though, that is even better. Then to discover the attraction is mutual? Both men know they could be caught at any time, but it is not enough to stop them from beginning a relationship. Unfortunately, just as their feelings begin to deepen and grow, the business man who is hell bent on getting his hands on Fa’a anyway he can, makes his move. Will Dex, Manx, Fa’a, Song, and their allies survive the coming explosion? Or will they all die as a man bent on total power and control makes his final move to take over the universe?

Whew! Reading this story was one heck of a roller coaster ride, but I loved it! The way this universe is created is very realistic, in fact, it is so realistic, I could see it happening for real. That helped to make parts of this book even scarier! But it is the good kind of scared where you hold your pillow as you are reading and you pray the good guys make it out alive. The love scenes are very emotional, and real. I really enjoyed reading how Dex and Song came together, and how the strength of their bond is shown. The old saying about what does not kill you, makes you stronger applies in this book for sure. I absolutely adored Manx and Fa’a oh, and the space dragons, and no I am not saying anything else about the latter. I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Basically, I am saying, read this book! If you love scifi, m/m romance, sentient cats and ships, then you are going to absolutely adore this story. I know I did and I highly recommend it. This one is most definitely a keeper!

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