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ISBN#: 978-1-60168-273-4
January 2010
Aspen Mountain Press
24 Pages
Horror / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

It is not easy for Anita Rubliev being the only woman in a family full of men, especially men like her grandfather. She misses her great-grandmother dearly, but she will never forget her last request.

A world and time away, there is a girl known only as Nitte. Having been born deaf and mute, Nitte can only imagine the sounds of music and laughter around her.

Anita cringes in pain every time someone shouts, a car screeches, or any of the myriad of city noises assault her ultra sensitive hearing. There are days when it is a relief to get away from her abrasive grandfather, and sit in the newspaper stand that belongs to her family, but mostly she works there out of rebellion. On this day, however, the pain in her head is incomparable to the pain in her abdomen, and when she finally blacks out, her world turns upside-down. Nitte awakens to a horror unlike anything she has ever seen, and it is only with her inner twin that she can withstand the pain that is beyond human tolerance.

When this story begins you are introduced to a modern day young woman whose attitude and obstinacy do not endear her to her family or her readers. She lacks the courage and conviction to stand up to her grandfather, and instead sits around a newsstand daydreaming about another’s life. It is this transition from modern girl to a Russian peasant girl that is so incongruous. Is this a horrific fairy tale, a reincarnation, or a daydream turned nightmare brought on by incredible suffering? I am not quite sure, but maybe that is the point.

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