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ISBN# (10)0061633143/ (13)9780061633140 (10)0061136700/ (13)9780061136702
March 31, 2009
Harper (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publisher)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
496 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Deputy Kenny Beeman is an investigator for the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department. When there is a death in the middle of the Civil War enactment, it points to murder.

John Rane has written three successful books. When he walked out on Jenny, he took on careers as research projects and had no room in his life for a wife or child.

As an elementary teacher, when Jenny first met Paul Edin, they thought of joining the Peace Corps, but daughter, Molly, changed their plans. She knew how Paul wanted to make a difference in the world. He found refuge studying about the Civil War and joining in the reenactment of the Civil War. Paul sets out for Corinth, Mississippi to join the other volunteers. Jenny has not forgotten about John, a quiet and self-contained man and Molly’s real father. He was too preoccupied to think of a family, so he walked away. Things turn ugly when Paul is fatally shot during the reenactment, leaving Kenny the unfortunate task of calling Jenny and breaking the news. Kenny is determined to find out the reason, which pulls Jenny and her once lover, John, into the investigation, as they try to find out who the bullet was intended for and why.

South of Shiloh has all the thrills and excitement of a suspenseful read. The emotional moment with Jenny, when she heard about Paul, sliced into my heart, and I wanted to jump in and comfort her. One cannot help but fill the intensity and tension between the players, as if the war itself had started up again. I found it a rollercoaster ride of events among the players that shows their strength and weaknesses. I like the way Chuck Logan incorporates the Civil War reenactment into the plot. The fact that he sketches the story in an area in Mississippi, and near Tennessee, with which I am familiar made the story even more real for me. He really has done a thorough research into the making of this great read.

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