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ISBN# 978-1-60592-028-3
April 2009
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
91 Pages
Contemporary - includes M/M and M/F, Spanking themes
Rating: 4 cups

New Year’s Resolutions

Jamie is looking for the perfect lover, one who will not think he is weird or out there because he gets off on being spanked. Little does he know he is about to get his wish.

Simon is into more than just spanking his boyfriends. He is into the BDSM scene and enjoys taking care of a submissive.

When Jamie arrives at his friend’s New Year’s party, he does so with the intention of finding a new lover. His friend begins pointing out different guys he thinks Jamie will like, but when Jamie spots Simon across the room, his mind is made up. Even his friend cannot dissuade him from going after Simon, but will he get his fondest wish or more than he bargained for?

This story is classic Stormy Glenn, and I loved how she handled the topic of BDSM and how it fits into these two men’s relationship. It takes finesse to pull off a story of this type and as usual Ms. Glenn came through with flying colors!

Serving Lisa

Lane is a college student who craves discipline from a woman. Desperate to find what he knows he needs, he answers an ad.

Lisa and Andreas are a couple who are looking for a young man to service Lisa.

When Lane answers an ad from a website called Cruel Mistress, he hopes that it will be the answer to everything he has been wanting sexually. But is he really up for what Lisa and Andreas have in mind?

Serving Lisa is a very graphic look at the BDSM scene, but it is one that is in many ways very honest. While this particular story delved a little too much into some of the more graphic aspects of BDSM for me, personally, it is still a very hot story, and I especially liked the ending.

Oh Behave!

Cathy James is a flight attendant who loves to sexually control men.

Nate Shaw is Cathy’s boyfriend of six months.

When Cathy first met Nate at their local pool, she had no idea that he was going to be so perfect for her, but it’s not long before she realizes that Nate craves the control she will have over him. When she arrives home early from one of her work stints, she catches Nate masturbating and then orgasming when he promised her he would wait until she got home. Will he like his punishment, or will it be too much even for him?

I enjoyed this story immensely because of the strong emotions between Cathy and Nate. So often when I have read BDSM stories, the emotions have been left out, but Ms. Mason does a great job with showing them in this story. And of course, the sex is enough to singe your eyebrows! This is one story you do not want to miss.

One Good Outcome

Steve Cannon is an attorney. But there is more to him than that, he loves to be spanked by his favorite Mistress Ginger.

Ginger is Steve’s Administrative Assistant by day and his mistress by night.

Devon Pierce is another employee who has his eye on Steve and Ginger, only he is about to get more than he bargained for.

When Steve and Ginger come back to work the next day after a night at their favorite BDSM club, they are stunned to find a white envelope with pictures of them from the club. Since no one at work knows they are involved outside the office, let alone that they like to play at the club, they are very concerned and are sure they are about to be blackmailed. However, appearances can be deceiving, and it turns out a co-worker is desperate to get their attention. Will he get what he wants? Will they?

One Good Outcome is one of those stories that you have no idea where it’s going until the end, and I loved it! Like the previous story, Brynes knows how important it is to interweave the emotions of the main characters into the story, and does so. I liked how she kept me on edge about what was really going on until almost the end and then literally blew my mind with her ending. This is another one you do not want to miss.

Overall this is a great group of stories and I have no trouble recommending them to anyone who enjoys stories that have a BDSM theme. This is one book that is well worth reading.

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