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Dark Casters Sisters
Book 1: Spell of Summoning

Book 1 in the Dark Casters Series
ISBN#: 9780615760360
January 2013
Mild Red Books
277 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Holden Clark is a necromancer, or a person who can see the dead and channel their power to do spells. He owns Sparky’s a 1950’s diner and is pretty much a recluse due to questions about an incident he had as a teenager which included a near death experience. However, when his grams, who stays with him in spirit tells him he must help someone who is about to be possessed by a demon he actually leaves his home with the intention of helping her.

Rebecca Powell has been having the worst luck, horrible migraines, insomnia, nightmares and a rash of paranormal activity has dogged her recently. While she is a realtor by trade, she has decided that it is time to leave her home town and move to the big city where there is more opportunity for people in her line of work. Unfortunately her current circumstances are not making it easy so when Holden gets her to meet with him on false pretenses, she is less than enthused. Particularly when his dog Buster jumps all over her and ruins her clothes!

When Holden sees Rebecca he knows that a demon is trying to possess her, he can see its inky black fog with red eyes clinging to Rebecca’s shoulders. But he is unclear just how to communicate this information, but at his gram’s urging he finally blurts out what he knows. While Rebecca does not believe him initially, there is a bit of doubt that lingers in the back of her mind, the idea that “what if he is right?” that makes her allow him to convince her at least a little. However, it is not long before it becomes obvious to both of them with the help of a natural witch and a friend of Holden’s that another necromancer is trying summon a demon to possess her. But finding that necromancer and stopping him before the demon completely possesses Rebecca is going to be more than difficult. As they work together to find the necromancer both Rebecca and Holden begin falling in love with each other. But will Holden be able to save Rebecca, or will the necromancer win at his evil game?

Wow! It has been some time since I read a book that kept me that on the edge of my seat! I loved Spell of Summoning. The paranormal world reflected in this book was obviously created with both imagination and good research making the story of Holden and Rebecca come to life. The author did an excellent job of dropping clues about who the evil necromancer could be without totally giving the game away. I had at least three people that I thought it could be but wasn’t really sure which is one thing I love about books like this. If I can figure out who the bad guy is in the first twenty or thirty pages I tend to lose interest, this was not the case with this book. The feelings between Holden and Rebecca are sweet, and sensual and the author does an excellent job of showing their budding relationship, and by the end of the book I was truly satisfied with how the ending came about. This is a wonderful, suspenseful love story and great feel good book! If you love happy endings, but like there to be turmoil and obstacles before you get to the end, as well as, story having paranormal paranormal elements, then you do not want to miss Spell of Summoning. I will definitely be picking up this author’s next book!

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