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The Deadly Mates Series

Book 1 - Moon's Sweet Poison

Book 2 - Wings of Moonlight
Book 3 - Spell of the Predator's Moon
Book 4 - Dragon's Bloodmoon

Book 3 of the Deadly Mates Series
ISBN#: 1610341279
January 2011
Siren Publishing
114 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Loren is a young werewolf who has just been saved by a lion shifter who just happens to be his mate. There is only one problem, the man has a mate already.

Tavon is the lion shifter who saved Loren and who recognizes Loren as his mate, however, he already has Yoshi.

Yoshi is Tavon’s other mate and a fox shifter. He is less than pleased about Loren’s existence.

Tavon and his lover, Yoshi, have been working towards preventing a catastrophic event for years. However, now that the snake shifters have gotten a hold of a magic amulet, it may be too late. He sends Yoshi ahead to Rook Valley, but he is not far behind. What he finds there is capture and another mate. There is only one problem, he already has a mate, and he does not feel right about asking Yoshi to share him. When a powerful snake shifter performs a ritual that turns Loren, his other mate, into a Orthrus, he finds that he will do anything to save the man. But while he is able to save Loren, it still does not solve the problem at hand. Yoshi and he leave Rook Valley. Loren waits for months for his mate to come and claim him, when it does not happen, Loren does what he can to pick up the pieces of his life. However, when Tavon and Yoshi appear and he recognizes both as his true mates, he is more than a little confused, especially when Yoshi accuses him of wanting to break him and Tavon up. Will these three mates be able to work out their differences, or will they forever be apart?

Wow! All I can say is this book is every bit as spectacular as the first two books in this series. Ms. Hyacinth has done it again with Spell of the Predator’s Moon. This book has everything, mythology come to life, hot, sexy shifters, and a real mystery too. I loved the whole dynamics of how suddenly this werewolf has two mates instead of one. The confusion these three go through is well thought out, and the emotions described are so spot on that the reader cannot help but feel them right along with the characters. The world building in this series is truly excellent, and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. Keep them coming Ms. Hyacinth, I for one will be buying!

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