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Midnight Matings Series

Book 1: Squeak & a Roar by Joyee Flynn
Book 2: Scales & a Tail by Stormy Glenn
Book 3: Fire & Ash by Gabrielle Evans
Book 4: Two Fangs & a Hoof by Joyee Flynn
Book 5: Myth & Mischief by Gabrielle Evans
Book 6: Fang & Fur by Stormy Glenn
Book 7: Fantasy, Legend and the Guardian
Book 8: Spells and Bananas
Book 9: White Paws and A Dream
Book 10: Fur and Flightless
Book 11: Sparkle and Purr
Book 12: Howl and Harmony
Book 13: Splash and Elegance
Book 14: Monsters and Mayhem
Book 15: Stripes and Twin Horns

Book 8 in the Midnight Matings Series
ISBN#: 161034734X
August 2011
Siren Publishing
117 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Fantasy, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Kirby Saxon is a shape shifter whose animal form is that of a spider monkey. He is easy going and fun loving. He is a reporter and can work from anywhere.

Amery Goddard is a witch who has been around for over a thousand years. He also happens to be a doctor and works at a hospital.

When a woman tries to claim Kirby as her mate at the UPAC Conference, it is Amery who rescues him and mates him to protect him. But there is more going on here than mere protection, Kirby and Amery are truly attracted to each other and want to be mated. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that these two want to be together, there are those that will do anything to keep them apart, including doing what they can to get Kirby out of the picture. The fact that Amery has low self esteem and is carrying a lot of emotional baggage, as well as, a secret, causes their road to happiness to be fraught with possible disaster. Will Kirby be able to handle the secret when Amery finally reveals it? Will the person that wants Amery for himself win, and get Kirby out of the picture, or will these two show the world that nothing and no one can separate them?

Spells and Bananas is a wonderful story that turned the dynamics of what I had come to expect from a relationship between what could have been a strong, big, muscular alpha male and a cute twink right on its head! However, this was in a good way and really made me love this story. It becomes clear right away that though Amery is big and strong, he is really the more soft hearted of the two. Kirby who shifts into a little spider monkey may not have physical strength on his side, but god help anyone who messes with his mate! The way that Kirby deals with Amery’s emotional issues and his secrets just made this reviewer’s heart swell. The lovemaking scenes are delicious and worth reading over and over again! All in all this is one hot tamale of a story and I highly recommend it!

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