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Sugar Maple Chronicles

Book 1: Casting Spells
Book 2: Laced with Magic
Book 3: Spun by Sorcery
Book 4: Spells & Stitches

Sugar Maple Chronicles, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-425-24105-9
December 2011
Berkley Publishing
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $17.50 CAN
319 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The concept of family is something Chloe Hobbs has very little experience with, and she cannot wait to change that. Her little girl is about to enter the world, and Chloe will make sure she knows her family, human and otherwise.

Nothing compares to the pain of losing a child, and when Luke MacKenzie lost Steffie, his world collapsed. He never thought he could feel happy again, but Chloe and their soon-to-arrive daughter has changed everything.

Babies have their own schedule, and Luke and Chloe are about to find out that theirs is no different. Chloe has tried to convince Luke that he needs to tell his family about the baby, but Luke is adamant that will only lead to disaster, and how right he is. Baby Laria arrives unscheduled, and whether it is prophecy or chance everything that their intrusive little houseguest warns them of is happening. Luke already lost one child, and he will give anything not to lose another, but is he willing to give up the love of his life?

New mothers are often overwhelmed with emotion, but Chloe gives the term “basket case” a whole new meaning. She is so fraught with fear and tears, I was exhausted for her. Luke seems as if he fits the role of father easily, and I completely understand his need to keep his troublesome and intrusive family at bay. The humorous dialogue and quirky characters in this story are well worth the read, and I am sure the rest of this series is just as enjoyable.

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