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ISBN# 9781784309596
February 2, 2016
Totally Bound Publishing
163 Pages
Romantic, Suspense, Erotic
Rating: 4 cups


When Eden Morgan returns home after a three year absence, her husband Vann is furious she'd disappeared with no word. The twins she'd left behind welcome her home, though one of them is angry with her. Now she must reintegrate with her life as a mother and wife. The only problem being is that she's still a spy!

Eden's still passionately drawn to Vann, and wants him back. Somehow, dealing with the group of angry mothers at the kid's school is harder for her than battling against killers, and other spies. Her main concern is that Vann's family is trying to kill him!

Vann wants her with every fiber of his being, but is wary that she'll run off once again. He becomes embroiled in the spy game too, trying to find out who in his family wants him dead. Instead of letting Eden and her crew handle it themselves, he dives in, ready to protect her and the kids at all costs. She takes care of herself well enough, but having him know about her 'job', makes life with him easier.

This is an excellent tale of love renewed, mixed with grave danger. Eden and Vann stir your heart, making you wish for a hero like him. The characters are rich with passion, and handle their enemies with bravery and courage. I really enjoyed the story.

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