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ISBN# 978-1-921347-97-9
May 2009
DCL Publications
140 Pages
Fantasy Historical
Rating: 5 cups

Delfi is Westenian and has no memory of her past. She is alone, pregnant and living in a cave. The only thing she really has any memory of is being raped by Covetians.

Caln is Juragian, but has family that are Covetian which is how he ended up owning land that used to belong to Westenians.

Delfi knows she cannot keep the baby she is carrying, even though she may want to. She gives the babe to a Covetian woman, and then she goes back to living in the cave and foraging for food. She also occasionally steals from Caln’s farm. When he catches Delfi making friends with his new puppy, Caln uses it as an opportunity to get to know the wild woman. He discovers that she cannot speak, and in time that she has no memory of her past. In time, Delfi comes to trust him. She begins speaking a little bit, and taking care of all of Caln’s needs. However, when one of Caln’s Covetian neighbors decides she wants Caln, and thus Delfi eliminated, Caln has no other choice but to join forces with the defeated Westenians. But will war bring Delfi and Caln closer together, or tear them apart?

This is a fantastic fantasy romance that I really enjoyed! Ms. Newman brings to life the cultures of the Covetians, the Westenians, and to some degree even the Juragians. You get a real feeling for all three by the end of the book. I loved how Caln is such an honorable man, and how he was able to gentle Delfi and help her recover from what had happened to her. He is even able with help from other Westenians, to help her recover some of her past. All the characters have strong personalities and come to life on the pages. The relationship between Delfi and Caln is beautifully written, though there was just enough tension to keep it interesting. There were a couple places where I was not sure if Delfi and Caln were going to make it as a couple, but that is one of things that makes the story stand out. A great fantasy romance read that I’m happy to recommend to one and all!

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