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Cherry County Cowboys, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781772335705
November 2015
Evernight Publishing
248 Pages
Contemporary, Gay, Erotic, Western
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Grayson Taylor is having a bad summer. He just caught his boyfriend having sex with a nineteen year old on their kitchen table, and has discovered the young man is not the first. His heart hurts, and he arrives home to discover a handsome new bartender in town, who also happens to be working on his family’s ranch.

Izzac Scott is a cowboy who is traveling the country. He never stays in any town for long. He is helping to pay for his sister’s education since his parents kicked her out and refuse to have anything to do with her. They do not understand that some of her bad behavior was caused by being bi-polar, and that now that she is on medication she is much better. So Izzac feels responsible for taking care of her and helping her finish her education. He is carrying around pain in his heart for his first love who was killed as well causing him to want to travel.

Grayson first meets Izzac when he and some of his family go out to party at one of the local bars. Neither is on their best behavior during their first meeting. Their second meeting is when Izzac nearly runs Grayson down with his truck because Grayson is jogging down the middle of the road. Izzac takes Grayson to the hospital for treatment since he twisted his ankle badly trying to get out of the way of Izzac’s truck. It is not long before it becomes obvious that the attraction is mutual, however, Izzac knows he will leave sooner rather than later, and Grayson does not think he can work in his home town since there is another doctor at the hospital who he feels would not be willing to work with him. However, feelings deepen quickly, and both men begin to question whether leaving town would be the best thing for either of them. Amid family drama on both sides, and each having pasts that are coming back to haunt them, will Grayson and Izzac find a way to make a relationship work?

This is the first book I have read by Jules Dixon, but I can tell you this, it will not be the last! Wow! I absolutely LOVED this book! How Ms. Dixon kept all the secondary characters straight for herself, let alone us readers I have no idea but she managed it, and in doing so made this one of the best books I have read in a long time. The secondary characters absolutely help to make this story great in my opinion. I also really loved how Ms. Dixon showed how both Grayson, and Izzac were hanging onto the past and not healing from it as they could. Both of them thought they were healed from it, but in finding each other, they learned they had more healing to do. The love scenes are just emotionally juicy, and really enjoyable to read. If you love cowboys, and m/m romance, you should go out and get your own copy of Spurs ASAP! I loved it and will be buying more of this author very soon!

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