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ISBN: (13)9781603944564/(10)1460915925/(13)9781460915929
10 September 2010/28 March 2011
New Concepts Publishing/CreateSpace Print Edition
177 Pages/212 Pages
Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Police Procedural
Rating: 5 Cups

Jill Benton speaks as little as possible and reveals nothing of her horrible childhood after her mother has left her at six years of age in front of the DSS (DCS). Horribly abused, she uses her intelligence and newly learned self-defense skills to work her way from California to West Virginia. She buries her past, takes a new name and works to get an education. She becomes a policewoman with a degree in psychology. Though always on guard, she helps others who need her in shelters and nursing homes.

Lieutenant Alex Day, an ambitious policeman in her unit, falls for the mysterious green-eyed girl. Neither plan to fall in love, but their attraction is real, the first normal love experience Jill has encountered. Alex has lost his fiancée to a violent act two years earlier. He begs Jill to get a desk job or use her psychology degree to stay out of the line of fire. Eventually, it is not going to be a request rather an ultimatum.

Despite her love and respect for Alex, she cannot comply. In the darkest moment of their relationship, they part. Jill seeks more education and acts as an advocate for one of their domestic abuse victims. Her strength and street smarts get her through. But can Alex ever accept her “as is” and not try to make her into his other love, a stand-in for his memories and his fears?

Readers will cheer Jill on in her efforts to make her life, and those she impacts, better. The emotions in this book are visceral. The abuse Jill suffered is vividly described and believable. Andrew Vachss, attorney, author and advocate for abused children, would have been pleased to see how realistically Ms. Orr presents it within the confines of a great story.

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