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ISBN# 9781613335215
9 April 2013
Decadent Publishing
110 Pages
Sci-fi Suspense Interracial Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Nova Staraway is exotically beautiful and good at her job. Because of her Lyran heritage, she is able to calm down anybody during negotiations. Unfortunately, her Lyran looks are too exotic for most men. That is, until she meets the very attractive Roman Carvanoff, the owner of Four Dimensions Financial Services.

Roman Carvanoff has always approached his work in the company seriously, but not his romantic life. Usually a playboy with the women, things change when he sees Nova. He is instantly infatuated with her, wondering if it is because of the rumors about Lyran women, or simply because Nova is so wonderful.

Nova’s life is starting to look up. She has found a wonderful man in the most unexpected way. Things seem to be going well, until Roman starts acting strangely. One minute he is sweet and interested. The next, he is cool and rude. Not only is Nova’s personal life troublesome. Her company is also being investigated for missing funds. Will she ever get her happily ever after or will she only find more loneliness?

This is a fun sci-fi fantasy romance. I love the interesting fashion, the hover vehicles and the main character’s naturally purple hair. Roman is a very interesting character as well. Although he is one of the wealthiest men in all the dimensions, he is a down to earth nice guy, generally. There are parts of the story where the reader wonders if he is a future version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and he is just as frustrated with him as poor Nova. At one particular point, I have hoped that her pet dragon would flame his behind again. Thankfully, everything comes to light, and both the reader and Nova feel mollified. This is a fun and stimulating read that keeps the chemistry high between the main characters and the readers on their toes.

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