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ISBN#: 978-1-59705-631-1
October 2009
Wings ePress
453 Pages
Fiction/Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Maria is a young lady working as a maid in her hometown in Germany at the turn of the century. It is expected that she will marry well and raise a family, but she wants adventure. An unexpected invitation to the United States gives her the opportunity she has been craving.

Eva is a young lady heading off to college in the 1970’s. Inspired by her grandmother’s stories of her great-grandmother’s travels, Eva longs to travel the world. She is excited when she receives a job offer abroad to start off her adventures.

Eva’s and Maria’s lives mirror one another. Both have had unhealthy relationships with men, committed adultery and had abortions. However, they both find happiness in their travels and in being independent women, but is that enough?

Starting Over is an in-depth look into the lives of two women from two different generations. It is fascinating to see the similarities of their circumstances and how they made the most of what they had. Nevertheless, I could not admire either woman. They were both deceitful adulteresses who aborted their babies instead of coming to terms with their own actions. Yet, I found Ms. Rittenhouse’s novel both realistic and compelling.

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