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Wait for You Series

Book 1: Wait for You
Book 1.5: Trust in Me
Book 2: Be With Me
Book 2.2: Believe in Me
Book 2.5: The Proposal
Book 3: Stay with Me

Wait for You Series
ISBN#: 9780062294807/9780062294814
September 23, 2014
William Morrow
Trade Paperback / E-Book
440 Pages
Fiction, New Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Only a few short days ago Calla Fritz’s only worry was scheduling her classes to finish her nursing degree. Now she is not only buried under a mountain of debt her mother racked up in her name, she is the prime target for a drug lord her mother has double-crossed.

War changes a man inside and out, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, and James Jackson is doing his best to try to be better. With good help and great friends, he is slowly turning Mona’s from a dive into a decent bar, even turning a small profit.

Hoping to track down her strung-out mother, Calla walks into Mona’s for the first time in years. Instead of the dump she expects to see, she finds a gorgeous man running the place and making a difference. Calla is accustomed to being around seriously good looking men, but what she does not expect is for any of them to want her. Jax is an exception to every rule, which Calla is totally unprepared for, especially when he knows things she has never even told her closest friends.

The scars run deep for Calla, most of which she thinks she can hide from the world. Opening herself up is understandably difficult, but Jax is the kind of man who is not about to let her close herself off. He knows first-hand how short life can be, and I love not only his patience but his persistence with Calla. She needs the push, and with Jax at her back, there is a whole world just waiting for her.

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